Spray Texture


Spray Texturing gives you the freedom to add pizzazz and design to what has been considered plain and bland, or it gives you the freedom to blend in to become a subtle part of environment.  Whatever you desire, Spray Texturing brings functionality, durability and most of all beauty to almost any concrete surface.



Design Flexibility.....  Architects and designers drawn too the strength and durability merits of concrete now have an affordable alternative to its unsightliness with spray texturing.  Imagine soft color tones that blend subtly with the environment or loud vibrant colors that standout to be noticed!  No matter what the environment.

Durability.....  Spray Texturing is a mix in color, not a topping, which means the color wears with the concrete giving you true color through and through for the life of the concrete slab.

 Versatility.....  Spray Texturing was designed for use with a number of finished techniques, whether its a stamped pattern, broomed, troweled, salt finished or sand blasted, to name a few.




Spray Texturing Features

  • Slip resistance

  • Durable/Permanent

  • Waterproof

  • Low Maintenance

  • Economical

  • Unlimited designs

  • Resist Mildew



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